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This section contains a list of City Lawyer Consulting services in Thailand that are not included in other website sections. These services may be provided separately or in conjunction with others as related services.

Business consulting and other services

The turnkey business

A turnkey business is a great way to start your own company without building it from scratch. However, to succeed, it is important to promote your services. With the rise of the Internet, more and more customers are turning to online platforms to find businesses.

By creating a strong online presence and actively promoting your services, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success. There are many ways to expand your online presence and attract new customers, from creating a website to using social media and online advertising.

Don't miss out on this important aspect of business, be sure to invest in turnkey online promotion.

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Interpreter services in Thailand

Interpreter services in Thailand may be needed for business and domestic matters. For business, an interpreter may be needed to establish important contacts with producers during negotiations.

For individuals, document translation and interpreting services are available for various public and private institutions in Thailand, including courts, police and hospitals.

You don't have to be uncomfortable and lose out on profitable opportunities because of language barriers!

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Searching and verifying a supplier in Thailand

Successful selection of a supplier (manufacturer) in Thailand requires certain actions, which are almost impossible to carry out remotely. In addition, experience is needed to identify the possibility of fraudulent activities by counterparties in Thailand.

Fraud cases in Thailand are not as rare as we would like them to be. They are mostly associated with foreigners using Thai documents as a cover. As a rule, scammers take advantage of the difficulty of remote verification. Lack of knowledge of potential buyers about the reality of transactions in Thailand also plays into scammers' hands.

Don't take the risk and order a supplier search or verification in Thailand - it will save you time, nerves and money!

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Business representative in Thailand

To do business with Thai companies regularly, you need a business representative in Thailand sooner or later. It isn't easy to remotely control the fulfilment of various agreements, quality of goods, and shipment deadlines.

Personal contacts and compliance with certain rules of interaction play a special role in business processes in Asia. To fulfil control and communication tasks, there is a business representative.

The role of a business representative in Thailand can be either a legal entity or an individual, depending on the tasks entrusted to him. In addition, it allows it to reduce the cost of maintaining its staff of employees abroad. In some ways, this can be compared to outsourcing services for highly specialized tasks.

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The need to inspect goods exported from Thailand is due to the need to identify obvious or potential shortcomings in production and logistics to take timely action.

Inspecting goods at various stages of the consignment preparation allows the customer to make preliminary conclusions about specific deficiencies in product packaging, labelling, appearance and functionality.

Timely correction of mistakes and shortcomings will help to avoid problems at customs. Save money, time and business reputation, and get into the blocklist of FEA participants.

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Updated: 19-02-2023
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