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Alcohol import licenses in Thailand

Licensing to import and sell alcohol in Thailand has been simplified after the abolition of the alcohol license. Now businesses need to apply for a alcohol license depending on how they will sell it. There are two types of license - wholesale and retail.

Licensing assistance

Procedure for obtaining a license to import and sell alcohol

Step 1: Applying for a license to sell alcohol to the excise office

The first step is to apply for a license to sell alcohol and register as an alcohol importer with the excise office responsible for the area in which your company is registered - regardless of whether you are allowed to use the room for it.
We need the following documents to apply:

  1. Documents of registration of your company.
  2. National identity card (in the case of an individual).
  3. Lessor documents are similar to those required for VAT registration with the Tax Office at the company's registered office.
  4. Lease agreement indicating the purpose of the activity.
  5. Map, location.
  6. Power of attorney.
  7. Copy of P.P.20 (VAT payer certificate).

The application must not violate the requirements of the law. For example, a ban on selling alcoholic beverages in the school zone.

Step 2: Register as an importer with the Excise Department (ภส.01-01 form)

Step 3: Request for label approval from the Excise Department and import request

Once your company has obtained a license to sell alcohol, the next step is to request that the Excise Department approve your labels.

Request documents from a manufacturer/supplier abroad

An import license and a license for each lot will be required for each lot containing alcoholic products, for which you will need to provide documents such as:

  • commercial invoice
  • bill of lading (document certifying the ownership of the shipped goods)
  • Export packing list (if available)
  • air waybill
  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate - i.e., a statement confirming that the product was produced in an approved processing plant
  • letter from the manufacturer appointing you as the exclusive seller in Thailand
  • business registration documents from the manufacturing company
  • list of ingredients
  • certificate of origin
  • beer sample
  • invoices, packing lists, etc., confirming the purchase/order of products from the manufacturer
  • Five labels (original) are included with each product that will be licensed

The sample label prepared by your company must be in Thai. It should include details such as the name, alcohol level, and amount in the bottle, as well as a general warning. The sample must be approved before labeling alcohol bottles.

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Update: 19-02-2023
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