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Board of Investment (BOI) in Thailand

In 1997, the Thai government established the Board of Investment (BOI) to provide investment incentives to foreign and local entrepreneurs interested in investing in activities promoted by the agency.

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Board of Investment

The investment promotion policy is designed to attract more business people to Thailand's economy. In addition, the policy aims to decentralize Thailand's industrial base and adapt it to future economic situations.

Thailand BOI has formulated criteria for projects qualifying for incentives and benefits. It depends on the location of the promoted activities and whether they are a priority. Below are Thailand BOI's incentives.

Investment Board Privileges

Two of the most significant privileges offered by BOI for promoted projects:

  • Tax privileges such as corporate income tax exemption, tariff exemption or reduction of imported equipment and duty exemption or reduction of imported raw materials
  • Non-tax privileges such as permission to own land, permission to hire a foreign expert to work on promoted projects, exemption from foreign ownership of companies and exemption from work permit and visa regulations

Non-tax privileges of the Board of Investment

Regardless of location and activities, non-tax privileges are available for all projects BOI promotes. BOI helps investors in three ways:

  • Lower investment risks
  • Cut initial investment costs and increase return on investment
  • Support service at all times

Referring applications to BOI Thailand is best done through a Thai law firm, as it is a very complicated procedure. For more information, please get in touch with us through our numbers below. Our staff of local and foreign lawyers will provide detailed information on the matter.

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Update: 21-02-2023
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