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Business representative in Thailand

A business representative in Thailand is a legal or natural person who performs the functions of control and communication, as well as the collection and analysis of information in the interests of the customer in the field of foreign economic activity.

Consulting and other services

Doing business with Thailand can be a profitable business decision. The number of entrepreneurs from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan showing interest in this process continues to grow. However, the specifics of the Thai market, lack of knowledge of the language and inability to negotiate often prevent the implementation of the plan.

By limiting themselves to English-speaking potential Thai partners, entrepreneurs miss out on many commercially viable offers. In addition, many Thai suppliers are interested in trading with other countries, but are also limited in terms of information and communication.

The services of a representative in Thailand help to cope with these difficulties. The work of a representative helps to avoid fraudulent schemes, facilitates the quick signing of contracts and protects the interests of clients.

The tasks of the representative may include searching and checking suppliers, holding negotiations and meetings, attending exhibitions, checking product samples and other work tasks in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Typical tasks of a business representative

• selection and purchase of goods (product quality control);
• verification of factories and manufacturers (ordering samples of goods, availability of documentation);
• personal support (participation at every stage of a foreign economic transaction, resolution of disputes, document management);
• visits to exhibitions (registration at the event, communication with representatives of industries);
• organization of negotiations (defending interests, obtaining favorable conditions);
• translation services (full cycle of communications with Chinese representatives);
• organization of video conferences for negotiations;
• turnkey transaction support;
• cargo delivery, customs clearance (preparation for shipment, packaging, marking, paperwork).

Offer Benefits

• many years of experience in the field of representation;
• high qualification of employees;
• knowledge of Thai mentality;
• flexible terms of cooperation;
• Competent performance of assigned tasks;
• reasonable cost of providing services;
• own database of verified suppliers;
• prompt execution of work;
• constant feedback from the client.

City Lawyer Consulting offers representation services in Thailand and solves all issues related to the conduct of an international transaction, from the search for suppliers to customs procedures. Our agents are ready to become your full partners and will do everything necessary to improve the status of your business.

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