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Buying property in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand involves many factors. A number of questions need to be answered before buying property in Thailand.

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Buying Property 

What to look for when buying real estate:

  1. Property type.
  2. Price.
  3. Property location.
  4. Reason for purchase.
  5. Quality and materials.
  6. Legal processes related to the acquisition of property.

Pattaya has experienced a real construction boom over the past few years. The number of projects being built in this city is increasing every year. Accordingly, the number of developers, both local and foreign, is also growing.

What to do if the company with which you signed a contract turned out to be dishonest?

- In Thailand and throughout the world, there is a problem of unscrupulous developers. These are companies that promised to build 2 more, or maybe 3 or 4 years ago, some objects, but either did not build anything at all, or the construction stopped at some stage. Of course, people who have invested in these companies do not want to lose their money; they want their money back. But for them, the problem is that they do not own the situation.

You can walk and talk with developers endlessly. We are ready to help you get your money back. First, we need to study the contract and see what kind of company it is. It happens that the developer, in order not to make a fuss, is ready to pay off the contract and return the money immediately. But more often, you have to sue. It all depends on the amount you have in your account. Tip: do not try to resolve the issue with the developers yourself; it is very difficult to solve. For the process to be civilized and you get your money back, at least you need to consult with a lawyer, but it is better to hire a lawyer.

To what extent does City Lawyer Consulting have information about developers in general?

- Specialists of our company have been working in Pattaya in the real estate market for a long time. We have information about developers in both Pattaya and Phuket. And this information is reliable. In the end, we can always make additional inquiries about the developer, how much he can be trusted, when he appeared, what projects have already been implemented, or, if it is a new player on the market, what is the authorized capital. By making a request, we can find out if he is bankrupt.

What should you pay attention to when concluding a contract with a developer?

- First of all, I want to say that when you sign a contract, which is a legal document, you do it at your own peril and risk. You should be especially careful with companies offering amazing conditions and discounts - we all know that free cheese can only be in a mousetrap. Here you need to clearly understand that you are taking the document that the developer offers you as a basis. But whether this is the right contract, whether it is drawn up correctly, what obligations you will have and what responsibility the developer will have - only a legally savvy person can understand all this.

The developer, of course, has lawyers, but they work on the developer's side. Naturally, it is beneficial for them that you quickly sign a contract and go home. Tip: ensure yourself, spend some money, hire a lawyer, take him with you to sign the contract, and he will defend your rights. Our consultants are ready to go with you to the developer to check the contract and speak on your side, the buyer's side. The presence of a lawyer is also desirable because the contract is drawn up in English. If you do not own it, it will be translated for you, and you understand that this should be done by an independent specialist, not by the developer's lawyer.

Does this simplify the design if I buy a house or an apartment not from a developer but on the secondary market?

- It just seems to be easier. When re-registering real estate, there are many nuances; any issue must be approached very carefully. This is your house; you invest a lot of money in it. Therefore, it is better to spend $ 100 on a lawyer initially than to lose 100 times more later.

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Update: 20-02-2023
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