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Company registration in Thailand

Limited Company (LLC)Partnership (LP)Liquidation Company

A company must be registered to do business legally in Thailand. The ownership and shareholder composition of a Thai company with foreign participation may vary depending on the objective and purpose of business development.


Company registration

To choose the suitable form of company for business or other purposes, familiarize yourself with the options available and consult on how to register. Learn about the possibilities and limitations of companies in Thailand.
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Limited Company (LLC)
The classic variant of a Thai company assumes a minimum of 51% Thai shareholders and a minimum of two participants (07.02.2023).

Private Partnership (LP)
Simple company form. For registration of a partnership, two persons are sufficient. Thai national is appointed as the managing partner.
Virtual company
This is the conventional name for a company of any form of ownership using a virtual office. It has some significant limitations in its use.

Types of companies in Thailand

Shareholder and Director services

Expand your opportunities and start your business in Thailand with our shareholder and director like service.

Who is this service for?

For individuals or companies who get the opportunity to start a business in Thailand while out of the country.

What is the purpose of the "Shareholder" service?

This service is often used to incorporate a Thai limited liability company and meet the minimum requirement of 3 shareholders.

Why do you need the Director service?

The service is a professional undertaking by a police-checked, non-bankrupt person to act on your behalf as a director of your company. The company director must sign many official documents and decisions made by a Thai limited company. If permanently located outside of Thailand, you can run your business remotely.
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Cost and composition of services

Service fees are for reference only and may be adjusted depending on the specifics of a particular business.

Shareholder Service

25,000 THB

The essence of the service is to assist and act at the direction of the client to implement the client's decisions as an owner developing his business.
Protection of the owner's interests
Pre-signed share transfer agreement.
A pre-signed resignation letter.
The Shareholder Service Agreement governs and restricts the actions of a shareholder.
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Director Service

15,000 THB

Typical duties:
Preparation of documents for decisions of the Board of Directors and shareholders.
Assist in maintaining and updating the register of shareholders and directors.
Assistance in preparing powers of attorney (if necessary).
Regulatory filing assistance (if needed).
Signing of monthly, semi-annual and annual reports.
Signing of legal documents in accordance with the client's instructions.
Regulatory filing assistance (if needed).
Execution of banking transactions in accordance with the client's instructions.
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Director+ Service

18,000 THB

Initial one-time payment is 10,000 THB
Typical responsibilities in addition to the functions of the Director service:
Thai company bank account opening (THB / USD / CNY) - your appointed director will represent your company at the bank office to open a bank account.
To be a designated signatory for company bank account transactions.
Registration and support for a dedicated mobile phone number for SMS OTP verification (1 year).
Providing any OTP requests as required.
Resignation as a director of the company at the first request based on pre-signed documents.
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