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Divorce agreement

A divorce agreement in Thailand is made between divorcing couples who wish to settle their issues regarding the division of marital property and child custody before they are granted a divorce. In some countries, it is also known as a settlement agreement.

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Divorce Agreements in Thailand.

In addition to settling issues related to the division of child custody and marital property, a divorce agreement may also contain provisions for spousal support, alimony, and, more importantly, child support.

Purpose of Agreement

A divorce agreement is a material representation of the couple's agreement on the rights and privileges each will enjoy after a divorce is granted. This document provides arrangements for the division of child custody and marital property.

It may also provide for the amount of spousal support or alimony and the amount of child support to be paid after the divorce.

Because this agreement is signed by the parties and by two witnesses and recorded in an amphora, it becomes a public document and evidence of the parties agreement on vital issues after the divorce.

Thus, the agreement can be brought to court for enforcement if one or both parties violate a provision. This binds the divorcing couple and their executors, administrators, successors, and heirs.

Benefits of an agreement

Having a document that materially represents the parties' agreement is very important. A divorce agreement in Thailand becomes valuable evidence that can be relied upon if the parties violate any of the terms. The court will first consider the agreement reflecting the couple's intentions and agreements.

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Update: 15-02-2023
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