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E-commerce license

Online businesses in Thailand must obtain an e-commerce license to legalize their activities. The Internet is a popular information space for selling goods and services. E-commerce reduces investment and globally expands the audience of consumers.

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E-Commerce License

E-Commerce License and Electronic Payment Act

The business of e-commerce is now legally recognized and protected in Thailand under the Electronic Transactions Act. This law facilitates the use of electronic technology and controls businesses that provide online services and conduct electronic transactions.

In addition, the Thai Investment Board is encouraging e-commerce by providing several non-tax incentives to BOI-supported companies. Businesses in Thailand that operate one or more websites to sell their goods or services must apply for an e-commerce license.

You can apply for an e-commerce license as soon as the website is operational, and the following information is required from the website owner:

  • the name of the website;
  • the nature of the products or services sold on the site;
  • the date the website launched/started (application must be submitted within 30 days of launch date);
  • the method of purchase payment;
  • the domain name registration document or certificate from the service provider (hosting or domain name registrar).
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Update: 19-02-2023
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