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Education visa in Thailand

A study visa is a convenient and useful way to legalize your stay in Thailand. Only studying at an accredited educational institution will qualify you for a visa. Studying at a language school can help improve your foreign language skills in a comfortable resort environment. Some sports schools can also issue the necessary documents for a visa.

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Education visa 'Ed' in Thailand.

A study visa is a visa valid for one calendar year in Thailand and can be obtained by anyone studying in the Kingdom. To obtain it, you need to choose the specifics of one of the destinations offered by Thai law. It can be a language or culinary course, travel for study or observation, participation in seminars or projects, presence at conferences and training courses, or teaching as a foreign Buddhist monk.

To obtain a student

If there are less than 25 days to go, you should first go for a border crossing (short-term border crossing) and only apply for a student visa.

You can apply for student visas in Pattaya and Phuket.

You can apply for a student visa with a 30 or 45-day entry visa or a tourist visa.


Every three months, you have to visit the Immigration Office to renew your visa and (important!) confirm your residence address. If you miss an extension of your student visa, it is automatically revoked. Every time you leave Thailand, you need to make a re-entry permit. If you do not issue this permit, the visa is cancelled.

You can apply for a re-entry permit at the nearest Immigration Office or the international airport before leaving the country.

The study visa is valid for one year and can be renewed by submitting the same documents as the original application. There is no age limit for the study visa; it can be extended for 15 years.

Please check the availability of this type of visa.

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