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Foundations in Thailand

Registered foundations in Thailand are usually used as a tool for charity and support for those in need. The Thai Commercial and Civil Code defines a foundation as a legal entity intended only for charitable purposes in religion, art, science, literature, education, or any public interest.

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Setting Up a Foundation

Foundations must be registered as required by law. In addition, no manager, director, or another participant can directly benefit from the foundation's activities. What is needed to set up a foundation?

There are rules and regulations for establishing foundations by the legislation of the Ministerial Regulation BE 2545 (2002) on foundation rules, activities, and registration.

The application for registration of a foundation may be submitted together with the application to the registrar of the county having jurisdiction over the area of establishment of the headquarters of the established foundation; the following documents are also required:

  1. List of assets of the owners;
  2. List of assets set aside for the FoundFoundationa recorded document indicating a promise to donate those assets;
  3. Copy of a will if the assets were transferred to the FoundFoundationirtue thereof;
  4. Name, address, and occupation of all members of the Foundation board of directors;
  5. Fund Articles;
  6. Copy of identification card or other types of government-issued identification and replication of landlord and board of directors registration (if he is a priest or foreigner, other documents reflecting his status and address will suffice);
  7. Map of the main office and its branches (if any) and written consent of the landlord or owner of those properties;
  8. Record of a meeting called to establish the FoundFoundation FoundFoundation'sts must have a value of 500,000 baht or more, with at least 250,000 baht in cash. Specific charitable purposes allow the FoundFoundationave assets worth only 250,000 baht, with only 100,000 baht in cash.

After receiving the documents, the District Office will verify that the application is correct. The District Office will then forward the application to the Ministry. If the FoundFoundationany purposes relate to any other government department, the application will be sent to that department for review.

The application process can take up to one year, after which the applicant will be informed of the decision.

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