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Interpreter services in Thailand

Ordering a business interpreter service from City Lawyer Consulting will help with successful negotiations and important contacts with manufacturers. For individuals, we provide document translation and interpreting services to various public and private institutions in Thailand, including courts, police and hospitals. We guarantee integrity, punctuality and high quality of our services.

Consulting and other services

Thailand is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Both tourists and business representatives come here with pleasure.

Many entrepreneurs seek to establish business contacts in Thailand, visit exhibitions and negotiate. However, the subtleties of the Thai mentality and the language barrier often cause certain difficulties.

Free communication with foreign partners allows you to carry out business processes efficiently. The services of a professional translator who can conduct successful negotiations, overcome the language barrier, help to conclude an agreement and avoid unnecessary risks are in great demand.

City Lawyer Consulting offers translation and interpreting services in Thailand from Thai and English / Russian and vice versa. Translators are highly qualified and have many years of experience; they understand Thai culture well and know how to navigate the area perfectly.

If necessary, a specialist will accompany you throughout your stay in the country and participate in events of any level and complexity. One of the options for providing the service is assistance in remote Internet negotiations.

In addition, support is provided by various governments (including courts and police) and medical institutions.

Types of translation and pricing

1. Oral. It is considered more in demand since it is on it that most of the negotiations are based. It can be one-sided (translation from Thai into English / Russian) and two-sided (translation from Thai into English / Russian and vice versa). Cost from 800 THB/hour. Minimum 2 hours. Flights, transfers and accommodation are paid separately.

2. Written. Often used when signing a contract. In this case, the translator must convey the meaning of each sentence to the client to avoid misunderstandings. Cost - on request.

3. Synchronous. A rather complicated type of translation, as it implies instant communication of information to both parties in the process of dialogue. Cost - on request.

The prices for the services of an interpreter depend on several factors: the type of translation, the tasks assigned to the translator, the subject of the translation, the city where the work is carried out, additional costs and the season.


• our interpreters are fluent in Thai and have impressive experience;

• we work in non-standard situations and cope with non-typical tasks;

• our experts are well aware of the geography and cultural characteristics of Thailand;

• we have interpreters accredited in the courts of Thailand;

• we provide support in the field of translation for specific areas: search for suppliers, verification of contractors, the conclusion of contracts, etc.

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