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Licensed Thai attorneys provide court representation services. 
There is a support program for clients who cannot travel to Thailand to resolve legal issuesов.

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The importance of a lawyer in a trial in Thailand cannot be overestimated. The lawyer is a key figure in solving many issues, from drawing up a will and receiving an inheritance to preserving one's good name and freedom.
The main problems when interacting with a lawyer for foreigners are the complexity of communication and the high cost.
City Lawyer Consulting tries to balance the quality and cost of services.
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Civil cases
Civil cases generally cover property and business disputes, personal disputes, and divorces where the rights of one of the parties are violated. The lawsuit aims to secure or protect the plaintiff's right and prevent or redress damages.
Criminal cases
Criminal prosecution in Thailand is the responsibility of several governmental organizations: The Royal Thai Police, the Office of the Attorney General, the Courts of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Interior.
Family law
The Family Code of Thailand deals with the conditions, processes, relationships, rights, and obligations of men and women related to engagement, marriage, family, and having children, including divorce, to end the marital relationship.

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