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Thai law requires companies doing business in certain industries to obtain licensing certificates.

Such industries include import-export businesses and those selling food and/or alcoholic beverages.


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City Lawyer Consulting provides assistance in obtaining various types of licenses in Thailand.

To estimate the cost and timing of obtaining a license, give us information about your company and business.
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Who issues licenses in Thailand?

Licenses in Thailand are issued by agencies responsible for a particular licensed activity. That is, the algorithms for obtaining different licenses may be different.

For example, the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) is responsible for issuing licenses to travel companies.

What needs to be done?

To obtain a license, identify the agency responsible for issuing the license. Request a list of current documents and requirements at the time of application.
Check compliance with the requirements and eliminate deficiencies. Prepare a package of documents and apply for a license.
Import/export license
Thailand paperless import/export license. To legally import goods into Thailand or export goods from Thailand, a business must obtain a paperless import/export license.

Restaurant or bar licenses
To operate a restaurant or bar over 200 square meters, you must obtain a license to sell food and/or liquor (retail). For smaller areas, a notification system of certification applies.

License for hotel business
The business will need a hotel license if at least one room is rented out.
The process of obtaining a hotel license takes a lot of time and requires properly executed documents and approvals.
Some types of licenses in Thailand

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