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Answers to frequently asked questions about child support in Thailand.

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Child Support FAQs in Thailand

❓ I have to pay court-ordered child support in Thailand, but I am currently unemployed. What should I do?

☑ You can apply to the court for a reduction or modification of alimony.


❓ I live abroad; if I don't comply with the court order, will I be forced to pay child support?

☑ Yes. If you have a property in Thailand, the court will order that your property be seized and sold at auction; the proceeds from the auction will then be paid for child support. However, if you do not have property in Thailand, the Thai court will work with the court where your property is located to seize and sell it to pay child support.


❓ I have been denied child support in Thailand, and my property has now been seized by court order and is at auction.

☑ To recover your property, you must first pay child support. Once the payment has been sufficiently paid or settled in a written agreement, your child's attorney will petition the court to have your property removed from the auction.


❓ How can I be sure that my child's tuition money will be used for this purpose?

☑ To avoid this problem, you can pay your child's tuition directly to the school rather than transferring tuition money to your child's mother.


❓ Can I deposit my child support money directly into my child's bank account?

☑ No, not if your child is under 15 years old. In Thailand, a child can have a bank account at the age of 15.

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