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Make sure your investment in Thai real estate is safe. Contact our company to check the documents of the builder or seller before you pay or sign a contract.

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Paying Property Tax in Thailand

Timely payment of property tax and condominium utilities (maintenance, electricity and water) will help avoid penalties from both the condominium and the government. Remote Payment Service.

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Secondary Real Estate Market in Thailand

To buy or sell an apartment in the secondary real estate market in Thailand, it is advisable to understand the process and some of the nuances of the paperwork procedure.

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Buying an apartment from a developer

Buying an apartment on the primary market is interesting because of the savings and the choice of floors and views. In addition, you can buy 2-3 apartments and combine them into one, which is much more difficult to do on the secondary market. The choice of a reliable builder - is one of the most important stages of the purchase on the primary market in Thailand.

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Villas in Thailand

While villas in Thailand may be documented as houses, they are higher-class properties. Foreign ownership of villas in Thailand and the procedure for transferring ownership.

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Buying a condominium apartment

Despite significant movements in Thailand's real estate market during the pandemic, when it is over, the situation is leveling off. During such periods, it makes sense to consider various real estate issues, including condominiums.

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What is a tabien baan?

Tabien baan (ทะเบียนบ้าน), or house book, is an official booklet that lists all people registered at a particular address in Thailand. There are yellow and blue types of tabien baan.

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