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Creating an Association in Thailand

The Association is an organizational and legal form of a non-commercial organization in the state of a voluntary association of legal entities and (or) citizens while retaining the right to join other associations. Members of the Association maintain their legal independence but at the same time bear subsidiary liability for its obligations. The scope and procedure of duties of the Association members shall be determined by its constituent documents. The supreme governing body of the Association shall be the General Meeting of Members.

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Establishing a Thai Association

How to form an Association in Thailand

Article 78 of the Civil and Commercial Code defines an Association as a legal entity that has been 'established to carry on any activity which, according to its nature, must be carried on continuously and collectively by persons not connected with the division of profit or income ...'

Article 79 lists the mandatory elements in light of the Association provisions. The following are as follows:

  1. Name, logo, and location. The Association must include the word "Association" in its name;
  2. Purposes;
  3. Address of head office and all branches;
  4. Membership rules and conclusion;
  5. Membership dues and rates;
  6. The Association committee rules as follows:
    • Number of directors;
    • Nomination of directors;
    • Term and resignation of directors;
    • Committee meetings;
  7. Management rules, which include maintenance of accounts and assets of the Association.

Registration of the Association

To register the Association, you must first obtain a license from the office of the National Cultural Commission. Generally, the documentation and requirements needed to write a Thai Association include the following:

  1. Record of the meeting to establish the Association by at least three promoters;
  2. Association bylaws or bylaws, which must consist of rules regarding membership and membership fee rates;
  3. List of first ten members;
  4. Documents related to the Association headquarters, such as a map and rental agreement or landlord consent letter;
  5. History certificates of three promoters that are certified by the government official at the department level.

The Office of the National Cultural Commission will also seek opinions from state agencies relating to the Association's purposes. Once authorized, the Association may be registered as a legal entity.

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