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Tourist license

Before engaging in the tourism business, you must apply for a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) license at the Tourist Business and Guides Registration Office. Tourist companies are regulated by the Tourist Business and Guides Act.

Licensing assistance

Since tourism is a restricted activity under the Foreign Business Law, a foreigner who wishes to engage in the tourism business must register a legal entity to apply for a TAT license.


If the applicant is an individual, the following conditions must be met:

☑ Thai citizenship;

☑ At least 20 years of age;

☑ Having a place of residence or residence in the Kingdom of Thailand;

☑ Do not be bankrupt;

☑ Not be incompetent, incompetent, or quasi-incompetent;

☑ Not be a person whose license has been suspended;

☑ Not be a person whose license was revoked five years before the current Application.

Legal entity (company)

☑ Registration by Thai law;

☑ Having as its business goal the support of business tourists in Thailand;

☑ The citizens of Thailand must bear all unlimited liability of the company.

☑ In a limited liability company, at least half of the directors must be Thai citizens, and individuals with Thai citizenship must own at least 51% of the capital.

List of documents

☑ Application for a TAT license, signed by a Thai director and stamped by the company.

☑ Certificate of Registration and purposes of the company by the Civil and Commercial Code (not older than one month). Only a Thai director is authorized to sign and stamp the company.

☑ List of shareholders' names certified by the Department of Commerce (DBD).

☑ Memorandum of Association certified by the Department of Commerce (DBD).

☑ Company Regulations or Company Incorporation Report (if the company does not have a Company Regulations) certified by the Department of Commerce (DBD).

☑ A copy of the director's ID and registered address certified by the director.

☑ Company seal.

☑ Two photographs of the office facade (with the address and a sign).

☑ Map of the location of the office.

☑ Evidence of office ownership or lease.

☑ Power of attorney.

☑ A guarantee, cash, or cashier's check used as collateral.

☑ Paid fees.

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Update: 19-02-2023
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