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Types of licenses in Thailand

Certain commercial activities in Thailand require a license. Depending on the type of business and the requirements and restrictions imposed, various agencies carry out licensing. The timeframe for obtaining a license may also vary considerably.

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Import/Export License

To legally import goods into Thailand or export goods from Thailand, a company must have a paperless import/export license.

After setting up a Thai company, registering for VAT, and opening a corporate bank account, one can apply for an import/export card (paperless license). Obtaining the license is done online.

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Restaurant or Bar License

A food and/or liquor (retail) license is required to operate a restaurant or bar over 200 square meters. Smaller establishments must notify the local authorities and obtain a certificate upon notification.

Once obtained, license certificates must be posted in a conspicuous place in the restaurant or bar.

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Hotel license

A hotel license is required if at least one room will be rented out, regardless of the name used (hostel, guest room, apartment, etc.). Obtaining a hotel license takes time and requires properly executed documents and approvals.

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E-commerce license

To legalize online business activities in Thailand, you must obtain an e-commerce license.

The Internet is a popular information space for selling goods and services. E-commerce allows you to reduce investment and globally expand the audience of consumers. But the online store in Thailand is subject to licensing.

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Liquor import licenses in Thailand

The issuance of licenses for importing and selling alcohol in Thailand has been simplified after the abolition of the liquor license. Businesses now need to apply for a liquor license depending on how they will sell it. There are two types of licenses - wholesale and retail.

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Tourist License

Tourist companies are regulated by the Tourist Business and Guides Act. Before engaging in the tourism business, applying for a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Tourist License at the Tourist Business and Guides Registration Office is necessary.

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Manufacturing License

The Factory Act regulates factory construction, business operations, possible factory expansion, and all safety and pollution requirements. A factory (manufacturing) license or approval is required to manufacture products.

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Updated: 19-02-2023
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