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Virtual office of the company

A virtual office is a shared office but suitable for company registration. Members pay a fixed monthly fee and can use it as their official work address and for official purposes.

Company registration

Virtual Office in Thailand

How to use a virtual office?

A virtual office is a shared office. Members pay a fixed monthly fee and can use it as their official work address and for official purposes.

You will be able to perform registration activities in DBD when establishing a company, as well as with the Department of Revenue of Thailand, the Department of Social Security, VAT registration, and opening a bank account.

You'll be able to publish your work address on marketing materials, business cards, and the website.

Members can also reserve a conference room, access the business lounge/coworking space, and have trained receptionists receive letters and packages on your behalf, answer calls on behalf of your company, take messages, and serve your guests.

Depending on the needs, different service packages can be used. A virtual office is a convenient solution, especially if your activities do not require a permanent presence at the workplace or most of your contacts are online.

Virtual Office Benefits

  • Virtual Office can be used for company, tax, or VAT registration.
  • Reduce operating costs by at least 80%.
  • A prestigious business address in Bangkok at affordable prices.
  • You will never miss a letter or package.
  • A trained administrator can answer calls on behalf of your company in Thai or English.
  • Access to fully equipped meeting spaces as needed.

The legality of a virtual office of a Thai company

Virtual Office is legal and used by many companies in Thailand and worldwide.

The Virtual Office is recognized by the DBD, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Social Security (SSO) as an alternative office.

Virtual Office Limits

The virtual Office does not have any severe restrictions. However, the cost increases when it becomes necessary to fulfill some additional requirements. These may include VAT registration or a work permit.

There may be restrictions in obtaining several licenses due to more stringent requirements for the Office by regulatory authorities.

During the initial registration of a company without cash turnover, the most economical option is quite suitable.

Virtual office options

For start-ups and small businesses, as well as companies built on the principle of a distributed office, a virtual office is the optimal solution.

The official address of the company's registration makes it possible to open a bank account for receiving and making payments.

With the expansion of activities and the need to register a company as a VAT payer, it will be enough to change the tariff plan without changing the registration address.

Due to the solutions of the digital age (virtual Office, remote accounting services, online banking), you can significantly reduce operating costs, increasing your income.

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