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Visa by religion

A Thai non-immigrant R visa, also called an 'R-A' visa, is issued for religious purposes. You need this type of visa if you are traveling to Thailand to perform missionary work or other religious activities with permission from the relevant Thai ministries or government departments.

Visa services

Non-immigrant 'R' visa in Thailand.

This type of visa may be granted to candidates who wish to enter the Kingdom for missionary or other religious activities, as approved by the ministry or department in Thailand.

This visa is valid for three months.

Required Documents for Religious Visa

  • Fully completed visa application
  • Passport or another transport document valid for six months and a copy of the passport
  • One photograph (4 x 6cm) of the applicant (taken within the last six months). The photo must have a white/light-colored background. The face must be fully exposed. Hats, caps, dark glasses, and shoulder coverings are not allowed.

For studying Buddhism/Religious Studies

  • Original confirmation letter from National Buddhism Center, the Prime Minister's office, or Maha Chulalongkorn University.
  • Original confirmation letter from the temple abbot where the applicant will study or perform religious studies.

For missionary activities

  • Original confirmation letter issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • Original confirmation letter and request made by the religious organization where the candidate will be directly located.
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