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Visa on Arrival in Thailand

A visa on arrival permits you to stay in the country for a certain period. This visa does not require prior processing at the consulate and is placed in the passport directly at the border crossing. The standard period of stay in Thailand on such a visa is 15 days.

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Thai arrival visa.

This visa type is not relevant for the citizens of most countries because there is a visa-free entry. This visa is possible for citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (the passports of citizens of Uzbekistan should have a stamp of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Documents for registration:

  • The Document, valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country;
  • Application form for visa on arrival (filled in English letters);
  • One photo 4 x 6 (color). You can take a picture at the airport for $ 10
  • Сompleted customs declaration
  • Travel agency voucher or hotel booking confirmation
  • Medical insurance policy. The amount of coverage must be at least $15,000;
  • Ticket with a return flight from Thailand;

Also may be asked to show cash - $700 per person or $1500 per family. If you have a bank card, you must show a bank statement or ATM withdrawal of 20,000 or 40,000 baht per family.

Cost and validity of visa on arrival

The visa cost on arrival is $60 (approximately 2,000 Thai Baht), including children. Paid in local baht (currency exchange required).

Visa validity on arrival is 15 days.

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