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Types of visas in Thailand

Overview of visas available for entry and legal stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. Proper visa selection will allow the applicant to avoid difficulties in applying for, extending or changing the type of visa. Various visas are offered for different purposes and periods of stay in the country. And, accordingly, avoid loss of time and money, as well as violations of visa laws of Thailand.

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Retirement Visa in Thailand

Foreigners over 50 years old who wish to live in retirement in Thailand are eligible to apply for a Thai retirement visa. Although it is the more commonly used term, the Thai retirement visa falls under the "O" category of nonimmigrant visas for Thailand.
Thai immigration authorities issue two types of retirement visas for foreign nationals:
One-Year Retirement Visa to Thailand ("OA") is issued to foreigners aged 50+ from all countries and is valid for 1 year, renewable annually.
A ten-year retirement visa to Thailand ("OX") is only issued to foreigners aged 50+ from certain countries for 5 years. After that, you can renew it again for 10 years.

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Family (marriage) visa

To obtain a family visa, one must be legally married to a Thai citizen and have a valid marriage certificate. You can register for marriage either in Thailand or outside of Thailand. When registering a marriage outside of Thailand, your documents must be legalized.

A Thai ceremonial wedding is not an official procedure and does not serve as a basis for obtaining this type of visa.

In addition, there are specific requirements for assets and income. They guarantee the applicant's ability to support himself and his spouse.

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Business Visa

Foreigners who wish to work, conduct business or carry out investment activities in Thailand must apply for a non-immigrant business visa.

Various categories of non-immigrant visas are currently available to meet the needs and qualifications of individual business people. These include the "B" category business visa, the "BA" category business visa and the "IB" category investment-business visa.

This type of visa holder who wishes to work in Thailand must obtain a work permit before starting work.

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Education Visa

An international student is eligible to apply for a non-immigrant "ED" visa to study at schools, universities, or institutes.

Language schools have always been top-rated. Studying them according to a particular course of study usually lasts three years.

During the year, the visa is extended every three months.

Visa can be issued only for studies at accredited educational institutions.

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Visa-free entry to Thailand

Visa-free entry to Thailand in the 2022 year is available for citizens of 64 countries based on bilateral agreements.

For most European Union countries' citizens, the visa-free period of stay is 30 days. The same rules apply to citizens of the USA and Israel.

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Visa on arrival

A visa on arrival is arranged at the airport.

In 2022 such visas on arrival will be available to citizens of 18 countries, including Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The validity period for a visa on arrival is 15 days.

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90-day NON-O visa

This type of visa is issued for 90 days and then can be transformed into another type of visa.

For example, this procedure can be applied to obtain a retirement visa. After 90 days, the applicant is issued an annual visa.

You can follow a similar scenario for family, business, and other types of visas.

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One-year multi-visa

A multi-entry tourist visa is valid for 6 months from issuance. You must enter Thailand within the validity period of the visa.

The holder of this visa can stay for no more than 60 days for each entry within 6 months from arrival in Thailand.

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Visa for Journalists

The Thai non-immigrant 'M' visa is issued to media members.

You can apply for a journalist visa if you will be working in Thailand as a film producer, journalist or reporter.

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Religious visa

The Thai nonimmigrant 'R' visa, also called the 'R-A' visa, is issued for religious purposes. You need this type of visa to travel to Thailand to perform missionary work or other religious activities with permission from the relevant Thai ministries or government departments.

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Elite visa

Thailand Elite is a long-term visa solution that allows privileged members to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for 5 to 20 years.

There are seven visa program options to choose from, each with its own unique set of benefits, cost, and duration.

Thailand Elite members have access to exclusive benefits and perks, including transfers and legal assistance.

Complimentary spa, golf course and restaurant services are also available.

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SMART Visa is a new type of visa specifically designed to attract highly skilled workers, investors, executives and start-ups.  One of the conditions for obtaining a SMART visa is the desire and ability to participate in work or investment in specifically targeted industries in Thailand.

Smart Visa holders can apply for permission to reside in the country for 4 years. Exemption from the need for a work permit and the right to additional privileges are granted.

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