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Finding and verifying a supplier in Thailand

Choosing a reliable supplier of goods or services in Thailand plays a key role in the smooth running of smooth business processes. The need to verify the supplier or manufacturer directly in Thailand is obvious. It is extremely difficult to do this remotely.

Consulting and other services

To successfully search for a supplier (manufacturer) in Thailand, it is necessary to carry out activities using open sources and specialized databases. This is followed by an assessment of both the products offered and the supplier's quality to make an effective selection among the candidates.


The main factors in choosing a supplier are the history and potential of the company, financial condition, quality and characteristics of goods, the possibility of obtaining various permits and other documentation. You can search for Thai manufacturers independently and with intermediary companies' help. When searching on your own, you should assess the risks and carry out additional checks directly on the spot. We have the necessary knowledge of the specifics of doing business in Thailand and have a database of trusted industry suppliers. This allows you to increase the chances of success repeatedly and also saves time and financial resources.


For example, there is a need to organize the supply of cosmetic products from Thailand in large volumes under the customer's brand. For this, selecting potential factories according to established criteria is necessary. Then, to select the right company from among the candidates, it is necessary to check to conduct an on-site inspection of production facilities, storage warehouses, etc. That is, to take actions accompanied by a photo and video report that cannot be fully implemented remotely.


City Lawyer Consulting is a reliable partner for business with Thai manufacturers and building trading strategies. We provide comprehensive support services for foreign economic activity. In cooperation with us, you can find the most profitable suppliers and check their reliability, minimizing all possible risks. Our company's services include manufacturer audit, sample inspection, product management and Delivery of goods, quality control, etc.

  • providing a detailed report with prices, contacts and recommendations throughout the entire cooperation;
  • guaranteed verified suppliers and best prices;
  • full due diligence of manufacturers;
  • confidentiality and individual approach to each client.

We own a base of over 1500 suppliers in Thailand. Our representatives regularly attend exhibitions and conferences, have experience in negotiations with Thai manufacturers and guarantee the high quality of the services provided. We can inspect product samples, check the supplier's characteristics and reputation and deliver samples of goods to the customer.

Possible work steps

☑ Preparation of terms of reference with a description and characteristics of products for a Thai manufacturer.
☑ Search for goods and suppliers by specified parameters and cost. Market research is carried out, the quality, assortment, and product features are analyzed, the availability of the necessary documents is checked, and the manufacturer's status is confirmed.
☑ Legal verification of the supplier.
☑ Supplier audit - evaluation of technical capabilities, verification of quality standards and provision of a detailed analysis of the condition.
☑ Negotiations with the supplier (favourable options for the transaction and Payment are discussed).
☑ Checking production. The goods are checked for quality, appearance, and technical characteristics. The company - for the availability of permits.
☑ Formation of reporting and settlement documentation.
☑ Delivery of product samples (to reduce the risk of receiving low-quality goods).

A detailed action plan and deadlines are discussed with the customer about a specific case.

Importance of Supplier Verification in Thailand

We are facing many requests related to unsuccessful independent attempts to negotiate deliveries from Thailand.

Here are the most typical:

☑ Unable to find a common language or lack of a solution (language barrier, difference in views, etc.)

☑ Identification of fraudsters at the stage of negotiations. A self-found supplier may turn out to be fake during verification. His office will be in a rickety barn in the most remote province of Thailand. At the same time, the supplier will have a good website, an English-speaking negotiator and even some kind of legal company. But they will be scammers.

Example of fraudulent palm oil invoice:


Scam website www.unioilgroup * com

☑ Payment has been made to the supplier, but no shipment has occurred. The reason is clear - no verification was carried out. Several cases were related to suppliers found by our customers on the Alibaba service. We do not recommend paying suppliers on Alibaba without additional verification in Thailand.

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