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Reselling an apartment in Thailand

To buy or sell an apartment on the secondary real estate market in Thailand, it is desirable to imagine the process and some of the nuances of the paperwork procedure.

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Reselling an apartment in Thailand

Condo Reselling in Thailand

Selling and buying an apartment in Thailand is already explained. Reselling a condo is easy if you follow these basic steps regarding ownership and selling a property in Thailand.

Search by name

Similar to checking by name for a new condo project, this step is important to verify the status of the land on which the building is located. Generally, for a functioning condominium, the land should not be mortgaged; if so, the buyer should know their rights to use such land.

Sale Agreement

Suppose you buy a condominium from an individual. In that case, the purchase agreement is usually a ready-to-use contract (an agreement that is not specifically written for sale between buyer and seller).


The norm is that the buyer pays the property's full value to the seller after the title transfer at the Land Department.

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