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Marriage (family) visa in Thailand

A formalized marriage with a Thai citizen opens the possibility of obtaining a one-year marriage (family) visa. For many international families, this solves many domestic and legal issues. Another plus is a certain simplification of employment and obtaining a work permit.

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Marriage Thai visa

What you need to know about the Thai marriage (family) visa:

  • Thai marriage visa is a popular name for a one-year extension of permission to stay in the country based on marriage.
  • This is a long-stay Thai visa issued to a foreigner married to a Thai citizen and meets other requirements of the Immigration Bureau.
  • A holder of a Thai marriage visa is entitled to permission to stay in Thailand for a full year without having to leave the country.
  • The visa is renewable yearly, and the renewal process can be done without traveling outside Thailand (visa renewal requirements still apply).
  • A marriage visa also allows the holder to work in Thailand. The visa holder can obtain a valid Thai Work Permit.

Having a Thai marriage visa is considered an advantage for foreign job seekers. The employer will only need to resolve the issue with a work permit (Work Permit).

Thai marriage visa requirements:

  • Must be married to a Thai citizen. Confirmation - marriage certificate.
  • Must meet financial requirements:
    • A deposit of 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account* was made two months before applying for a visa.
    • A certified bank statement supports a monthly income of at least THB 40,000.
    • 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account and verified annual income cumulatively.
    • The requirement to prove financial solvency only applies to male applicants.

*Contribute possible

Supporting documents for proof of security deposit in a Thai bank:

  • Updated bankbook
  • A letter from the bank stating that this money was transferred to the account from a foreign account at least two months ago.

Other documents that may be required:**

  • Certificate from the police
  • Medical certificate

** Not required when applying for a visa to Thailand, although there may be cases where an official from the Thai embassy or consulate may ask for these documents before issuing a visa.

Thailand Marriage Visa Process

  • It is important to pay due attention to the requirements and other factors that accompany the application process to avoid a visa refusal.
  • The main principles when applying for a marriage visa are:
    • You must obtain a 90-day or one-year non-immigrant visa in your country or country of residence before applying for a Thai marriage visa. (A 90-day non-immigrant visa can be obtained from countries close to Thailand).
    • When applying for a non-immigrant visa, you must travel to Thailand to activate the visa.
    • You must prepare all the necessary documents to convert your non-immigrant visa into a marriage visa.
    • The clearance will take place in the last 30 days of the 90-day visa.
    • The visa application form is submitted to the Immigration Office with all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa. The processing period may take about a month before a Thai marriage visa is issued.

Additional information for those who received a Thai marriage (family) visa:

90-day Reporting

  • Every 90 days, you must report to the nearest immigration office, indicating your current address.
  • If you are not in Thailand at the time of the stamp, the 90 days until the next stamp at the immigration office will start again upon re-entering Thailand.

Re-entry Permit

  • If you plan to leave Thailand during the validity of your visa, you will need a multiple re-entry permit to avoid visa expiration. Permission does not need to be done if you plan to stay in Thailand during the validity of the visa.
  • Suppose you need to leave the country for any reason. You can apply for a re-entry permit at the nearest immigration office or an international airport before leaving the country.

Bank account

  • The marriage visa is valid for one year and can be renewed if the same requirements are met for the initial application. Please note that the necessary funds must come to a bank account no later than three months before the date of application for a visa extension.
  • In the event of a divorce, your marriage visa will expire, and you will be required to leave the country immediately. In some cases, it may be allowed to stay in the country until the marriage visa expires.
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Update: 21-02-2023
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