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Payment of property tax in Thailand

Paying your property tax and condominium utility bills on time will help you avoid penalties from both the condominium and the state. Remote Payment Service.

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Property Tax Service

We offer a property tax and utility bill payment service in Thailand.

Сthe cost of the service is from 800 THB depending on the complexity (remoteness, the need to find an authorized administration, etc.) e.)

The service is intended for property owners who do not have the opportunity to visit Thailand and use cross-border payments under restrictions.

To order, contact us via the application form or WhatsApp.

In December 2019, Thailand introduced a new tax system for real estate.

According to the new Law, apartments in condominiums, residential buildings, and townhouses (shophouses) are subject to real estate tax.
The amount of this tax is calculated based on the cadastral value and considers adjustments for various types of real estate. Property tax in Thailand is made in tambon (local administrations).

As part of the program to stimulate the real estate market during the pandemic, the amount of tax was reduced by 90%.

To pay real estate tax on your apartment, house, commercial space or land, you must provide a copy of the chanot (deed of ownership) and the apartment owner's passport.

Reason for the introduction of the new taxation principle

Objectives of the new Law:

  • reducing income inequality between rich and poor landowners,
  • stimulating the development of agriculture,
  • improving the efficiency of tax collection and increasing government revenues.

The new terminology in the Law eliminates the possibility of a double interpretation of ownership.
For example, ATMs, telephone booths, telecommunications poles or solar panels, etc., are no longer treated as separate objects of taxation.

What is fundamentally new in the Law?

  • Based on government estimates, the cadastral value of land, buildings and condominiums is now used instead of the annual base rent determined by district officials.
  • Various tax rates have replaced the flat tax rate of 12.5% based on the use of the real estate.
  • Residential property, previously tax-exempt, is now taxable.
  • The collection agent is now the local administration (tambon).

Types of property subject to tax

  • Condominium Apartments: Apartments designed by the Condominium Act. Those. With a document of ownership - Сhanot.
  • Houses: Buildings and structures suitable for habitation, storage, or industrial or commercial purposes.
  • Land: Territory, including hills and waterways. Rivers and the sea do not belong to this type.
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