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Spousal support in divorce

Spousal support is not mandatory in Thailand. No law requires spouses to provide support or a law that dictates the amount that must be provided after a divorce.

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Spousal Support Divorce in Thailand

Spousal Support in Thailand

Modern case law supports spousal support if the errant spouse (and ultimately the paying spouse) is the sole cause of the dissolution of the marriage.

When spousal support is presumed to be part of a divorce agreement or court allowance, the following are the usual guidelines or determining factors as to the scope of spousal support in Thailand:

  • length of marriage
  • age of the receiving spouse
  • probability of the receiving spouse remarrying
  • the health of the receiving spouse
  • education level of the receiving spouse
  • current employment of the receiving spouse, if any
  • the opportunity for the receiving spouse to obtain employment in the future
  • lifestyle to which the spouse is accustomed
  • current financial capacity of the paying spouse
  • the future or anticipated financial condition of the paying spouse

Child Support in Thailand

Unlike spousal support, child support in Thailand is mandatory. Thai law even forbids parties to enter into an agreement that exempts one or both parties from paying child support in case of divorce.

The following are the factors that determine how much child support should be provided after divorce:

  • children's age;
  • children's upbringing;
  • children's health;
  • the lifestyle to which children are accustomed;
  • financial capacity of each parent.

See also Child support (alimony) in Thailand.

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Update: 24-02-2023
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